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​ Introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.​
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Who We Are

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The start of Young Life in the netherlands

Young Life first set foot on Dutch soil in August 2005. We are an official non-profit organization in the Netherlands with ​ two staff members (one part-time, the other fulltime) dedicated to lifting the ministry to the next level and expanding to other cities and areas in a continuous effort to reach the next Dutch kid.


persons leave the church on a daily basis

The way to stop that is to go after the kids and go hard. We want to reach kids who can't be reached by the church. Who are deaf to the Gospel. We want to befriend them, build relationships and earn the right to tell them about Jesus and open their ears and hearts for what God has to say to them.

1.8 million

is the number of teenagers in the netherlands

Of which 90% are not reached by a church and have yet to hear the Gospel.

We not only believe that those kids need to hear about Jesus, we think they deserve it and are 100% committed to reach them, one after the other.


Kids live in the cities where we want to be present by 2022

Started in Dordrecht in 2005, we now have active ministry in 3 other areas; Spijkenisse, Rozenburg & The Hague. In three years time we are aiming to expand to 3 more cities; Amsterdam, Rotterdam & Maastricht. If we succeed we will have a presence in the three largest cities of the country.

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